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    Application in Fire-fighting Prevention

    Heat Point Position Temperature Measurement Shorten Detection Time
    Fire-fighting Patrol Long-distance Visible Control Fire-site Cleaning
    Heat-source Positioning

    Tianbo infrared thermal imager penetrates smoke easily and judges the fire position and high-temperature object through the temperature difference between smoke and the burning matter on the fire site. It thus adjusts the fire-extinguishing tacit and extinguishes fire effectively.

    Temperature Measurement

    When a fire occurs in a building, smoke and fire are spreading in the whole room, making it difficult to judge the direction of smoke and fire. With the help of the infrared thermal imager, the user is capable of observing the dynamic flows from the infrared image of high-temperature smoke and judging the high or low-temperature region on the fire site. In this way, the user can judge which direction the fire is spreading towards, discover the fire source through the fire load and predict the development of the fire. It provides a basis for extinguishing the fire later.

    Improve Rescue Efficiency

    According to research data, the application of the infrared thermal imager in rescue on the same fire site with equally hot smoke can reduce 80% of rescue time than not using the infrared thermal imager. Meanwhile, it avoids the rescue emission and improves the rescue success rate.

    Fire-fighting Patrol

    In the actions of extinguishing fires, fire fighters are capable of discovering the principles of fire sources fast through dense smoke with the infrared thermal imager. By installing infrared thermal imager on the arm of fire-fighting vehicle, firefighters are capable of monitoring fire sources and notifying first-line fire-extinguisher team, which greatly enhances the efficiency of fire extinguishing.

    Visible Tele-control

    Through the wi-fi direct connecting technology, Tianbo infrared thermal imagers gather the infrared images and videos on the site through the front-end equipment on fire-fighting trucks, which are then sent to the control center as feedbacks. This makes it convenient for the control team to conduct visualized tele-control guidance, judge the fire, determine the rescue and fire-extinguishing line and avoid the unnecessary harm caused by the complex environment to fire-fighters.

    Cleaning on Fire Site

    After a building catches fire, an infrared thermal imager helps firefighters to search all high-heat points that may catch fire potentially or put out the fire leaved behind. In this way, fire fighters are capable of lowering the temperature of dangerous targets, improving the safety and completeness of fire extinguishing or eliminating the possibility of recrudescence

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