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    Fire-fighting Hand-held Thermal Imager
    Clear observation of fire brings safety to everyone
    Infrared temperature measuring customized thermal imager for fire protection industry

    Clear Imaging Aids the Rescue

    The maintenance-free uncooled and micro-heat infrared detector produces clear images that contain abundant details through 384*288 pixels (F3 series) or 640*480 pixels (F6 series). The infrared images are capable of displaying clear big images through the bright 5-inch display. It allows the user to see surrounding things in darkness or dense smoke more clearly, making it convenient for formulating action plans, positioning the direction with higher accuracy and searching stuck personnel faster.

    Varied color models targeting at different situations

    Change the color mode of F-series thermal imager through touch or buttons
    • Application in early fire-fighting actions and life rescue operations

    • Similar to “Fundamental Thermal Imaging Mode”, but adopt gray images

    • Application in Building Detection

    • Used in the high-temperature environment, such as open fire and especially fires within buildings

    • Used in the low-temperature environment, such as early rescues after traffic accidents and the research in forests

    • Used in the low-temperature environment, such as early rescues after traffic accidents and the research in forests.

    Firm, Endurable and Trustworthy

    F-series thermal imagers are especially designed for strict working conditions. With excellent resistance to falling, these thermal imagers remain undamaged even after falling on the concrete over two meters. The water-proof level is IP67. With perfect heat-resistance, these thermal images can operate well for five minutes when the temperature is +260 ?C.

    High Temperature Warning System

    Judge the fire situation automatically, capture the high-temperature zone and launch a warning to reduce losses

    Facial Recognition Function

    F-series hand-held infrared thermal imagers are equipped with hundreds of portrait models, which allow them to search the images with the temperature of 30~40 ?C automatically through a dense smoke or vapor and make complete recordings

    Unique Data Function

    Infrared images can be saved in files of F series and be used to formulate simple reports on the on-site situation. F-series thermal imagers also support long-range wireless data transmission, making it convenient for the headquarters to formulate effective action strategies in time

    High-definition Recording Technology

    Fire-fighting F series infrared thermal imagers not only save hundreds of static images, but can also record and save 200 videos( five minutes at most). The recording function allows the user to record with full pixels for over 1 hour. The recorded video can be used for subsequent analysis or ideal training materials

    Strictly Follow NFPA? Standards in Designing

    NFPA? is an authoritative institution on public security and a first-class fire-prevention initiator worldwide. The 1801:2013 thermal imager standards formulated by NFPA? include the following three aspects: inter-operation/usability, image quality and endurance. F-series thermal imagers are completely consistent with the important standards.
    Series show
    • F Series
    • 顯示屏:4.3寸,640*480像素

    Series show

    F Series


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