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    Fire-fighting online thermal imager
    Clear observation of fire brings safety to everyone
    Specially designed infrared thermal measuring customized thermal imager for fire protection industry

    Fire-fighting online thermal imager

    • Clear Infrared Images

      FS-series products are equipped with the maintenance-free VOx detector and produce clear 640×480 infrared images. In actual fire-fighting operations, tiny details and heat spots are displayed on infrared images clearly.

    • Firm and Reliable

      The FS-series products aim to meet the working requirements in harsh conditions. The protection level of internal core components reaches the standards of IP67. That is to say, F-series detectors are smoke-proof and water-proof.

    • Simple Installation

      FS-series infrared thermal imagers can be installed on any aerial platform. Connected with a 10V~32V DC power, such thermal imagers can transmit compound video signals. These thermal imagers adopt automatic designing and do not need communication control or automatic control.

    Series show
    • FS Series
    • 顯示屏:4.3寸,640*480像素

    Series show

    FS Series


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