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    Maritime Thermal Imager
    There is more that is more extensive than the sea
    The new M-series maritime thermal imager provides 360° monitoring to secure your navigation.

    Product Performance

    • 640*480 (M6 Series) heat sensor represents clear and detailed thermal images
    • 4X digital zoom (M6 SERIES) and extendable performances through 24°*18° vision
    • Provide an adjustable gradient, photographing and tilted electronic camera detection range: ~1,500 feet/457 meters.
    • 640*480 (M6 series) heat sensor represents clear and detailed heat images.

    It’s easy to be installed on any boat. With a simple Ethernet connection, it allows M3 and M6 to access the equipment that is compatible with different equipment. Meanwhile, the IP videos can be integrated on several MFD more easily. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight, easy in installation and reliable in safety.

    The DDE technology allows you to discover dangers and obstacles. Effective gyroscopic stability: Even in the adverse ocean, it still provides a stable image and long-distance multi-sensor system.

    It has a multi-core video processor that provides excellent image quality and artificial intelligence.

    Azimuth/tilt-top: All versions of the M-series provide sustainable 360° azimuth angle and +/-90 tilt-top field angle.

    It has a stronger visual force to observe the bridges, piers, buoys and fragments to improve the navigation and safe heat vision. This system allows you to see other vehicles, avoid collisions and test the radar to respond and help the people in the ship. It is more accurate than the limelight and radar.

    Application Field

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