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    Monitoring Thermal Image
    Observe the image of everything and solve your worries about dangers
    A long-time fixed-point monitoring/real-time warning infrared monitor

    ADE Technology

    The ADE technology is a patent technology of adaptive detail enhancement, which saves the details in the images of a highly dynamic range. By enhancing image details, it matches image details with the overall dynamic range of the original image background. In this way, the operator can see details even in the situations with significant temperature changes.
    HL—only one target is visible
    ADE—All targets are visible
    Original Thermal Images
    ADE Effect Picture after Enhancement
    The temperature measurement is fast, accuracy and even

    In the process of changing situations, the system gets all temperatures in the observed situation simultaneously. Images are highly even and do not vary in the tested temperature as the environment changes.

    24-h All-weather Monitoring Adopts IP66 Protection

    The system can work normally in adverse climatic conditions and has super strong resistance to lower-temperature environment. It has the functions of being resistant to high temperature and high humidity. In wind, rain, extreme heat, humidity, low temperature and coldness, it is capable of realizing constant automatic monitoring, which ensures the normal monitoring of working states of power transmission equipment in the cold North China and scorching South China.
    Application Area
    • Monitoring Thermal Imager
    • 分辨率:8~14Um非制冷焦平面,384*288
    • 測溫范圍:標準:-20~150℃,可擴展:中溫檔0~410℃,高溫檔:300~650℃或300~1000℃,或300~1500℃或300~2000℃

    Application Area

    Monitoring Thermal Imager


    • 顯示屏:4.3寸,640*480像素
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