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    Application in Industrial Detection
    Industrial equipment may have faults due to normal abrasions: such as motor, bearing and gear. The equipment will experience abnormal changes when hidden dangers occur. In the condition of not halting the equipment, infrared thermal imager analyzes the faults inside the equipment by detecting the temperature distribution outside of the equipment. In this way, it conducts overhaul and maintenance, shortens the time of equipment halt, reduces the loss of halt and improves the production efficiency.
    Power Cables of Workstation Robot Arm Welding

    robot Dissected Cables of Robot Arm Welding Power

    After the overhaul, the cables of Robot L2 welding power on 52 workstations have a good state. It is necessary to monitor cables regularly.

    Compressor Workshop Motor
    • Fault Analysis and Judgment

      Significantly, the highest temperature of No. 3 compressor is higher than that of No.1 and No. 2 compressors. Hence the motor has an overload. As is shown from the heat image, the heat of No.1 motor and No.2 motor are unevenly distributed. Conversely, the heat of No.2 motor is evenly distributed. It means the coil wiring of No.1 motor and No.2 motor may be problematic.

    • Handle Opinions

      Please pay close attention to No. 1 and No. 2 motors. The No.3 motor especially has more serious problems. It is necessary to conduct an overhaul as fast as possible: Without historical data tracking, it is necessary to set up infrared temperature data management of prioritized equipment in time.

    • A week later, detection results were told to the factory over the phone. The factor had a heavy production task and faced lack of significant infrared temperature basis. It thus failed to send No. 3 compressor unit for overhaul, causing it to be destroyed in the operation. In the future, it will set up monthly infrared data management. Following this incident, the factor has started to set up a monthly temperature statement for large motor equipment to ensure a temperature basis.

    Front Delivery Transmission Belt of Rotating Arm

    In the infrared image, P02 has significantly abnormal temperature changes. The possible cause may be excessively tightening belt. It is recommended to conduct a second testing after the adjustment. Meanwhile, the temperature of motors are worthy of attention

    Vapor Pipe Blocking

    Handling Opinions: The heat image shows that only 1/4 of the pipe at the top allows water vapor to pass through. The other 3/4 of pipe is blocked by sediments. It is recommended to clean the pipe as fast as possible.

    Classic show
    • 分辨率:8~14Um非制冷焦平面,384*288
    • 測溫范圍:標準:-20~150℃,可擴展:中溫檔0~410℃,高溫檔:300~650℃或300~1000℃,或300~1500℃或300~2000℃

    Classic show


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