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    Tianbo facilitates the digital reform of oil and gas energy enterprises

        The 18th China international petroleum and petrochemical technical equipment exhibition (cippe2018), the annual world petroleum equipment conference, was held at Beijing · China international exhibition center (new hall) on March 27~ 29.

    The three-day exhibition covers an area of 90,000 square meters, attracting nearly 1,800 enterprises from 65 countries and regions around the world to participate, among which 46 enterprises are among the world's top 500 companies and 18 international exhibition groups.


    A total of six series of products are exhibited by Tianbo infrared:

    H series hand-held infrared thermometer

    HN series hand-held infrared thermometer

    F series hand-held infrared thermometer for fire protection

    LS continuous zoom monitor thermal imaging camera

    ONLINE series of monitoring thermal imaging camera

    ES series devices continuously monitor mobile workstations

    Among them, the handheld infrared thermometer can help oil and gas enterprises to carry out infrared thermal imaging detection of production, storage and transport equipment, which can be used to detect defects in the operation of electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment, tank and pipeline, and eliminate production accidents at the germination stage.In particular, the HN series navigation and shooting handheld infrared thermometer

        Can be used for intelligent navigation and shooting according to the company's equipment account information, so the system is clear and will not be omitted.For most of the infrared image generated by specifications in accordance with the device name automatically generated file name, platinum infrared database management system, combining with day corresponding to upload, huge amounts of data batch saves data of huge workload, the thermal state of the equipment operation to make use of the database online management, responded to the call of the oil and gas energy enterprise digital revolution.The online monitoring products can help oil and gas energy enterprises to realize regional safety protection, perimeter protection, equipment continuous monitoring, surface infrared surveillance, ship navigation, vehicle thermal imaging, etc.

    The online monitoring infrared camera of the day platinum infrared adopts the full-digital transmission mode, and every pixel in the thermal image is equipped with temperature value, which can be used for real-time analysis of any region.The unique "temperature + image" recognition technology can identify and alarm vehicles and pedestrians at a distance of several kilometers, and the false alarm rate is almost zero.

    A senior oilfield engineer who visited the site of the exhibition, said infrared thermal imaging technology can indeed help him solve many problems, and the current extensive management method can be improved.

    Up to now, several design institutes and equipment integrators have reached preliminary cooperation intention with Tianbo infrared.The company made its debut at the oil exhibition. It communicated with the world's excellent enterprises and won high recognition from the exhibitors and visitors.

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