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    "Shared and win-win" infrared electrified detection industry ushering in new outlet

    The "first revolution conference of infrared charged detection" co-organized by Hangzhou Tianbo Infrared Electric Technology Co., Ltd., had the honor to invite nearly 50 enterprises from all over the country in the field of infrared detection services to witness the upcoming changes in the field of traditional infrared charged detection under the era of Internet +.

      The meeting held at 14:00 on 25 March, 2018, guests met 

     HN30,HN60,ES60,I30,I60 and database form Tianbo.

    The HN series navigation and shooting thermal imaging camera can make intelligent navigation and shooting according to the equipment account information, and the pictures taken can be named according to the equipment name, which can be matched with the database one by one to realize batch uploading and greatly improve the efficiency

       ES series electric infrared monitoring mobile station designed for electric power industry, the stationing flexible and complete system, all pixels digital flow temperature monitoring, can obtain real-time temperature data of each pixel, and can automatically alarm and multipoint alarm, the alarm accuracy is high, no field unattended, particularly good at difficult diagnosis of power equipment defects

    Days platinum infrared equipment parameter database and electric power company one-to-one correspondence, combined with HN series standard named heat gained by the thermal imaging camera holograms, realize the mass upload, convenient in vast amounts of infrared data for rapid finishing archive, and can achieve rapid retrieval, and historical comparison, contrast, secondary analysis, a key generating reports, etc

    Get the high recognition of present enterprise guest.At the same time, the model of renting and selling +SAAS (intelligent identification of equipment, automatic processing of infrared pictures and report template generation) was highly praised by the participating enterprises. Many enterprises signed cooperation agreements on the spot, marking the successful conclusion of the "first revolution conference of infrared charged detection".

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