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    Border Region Monitoring

    Border regions are usually expansive and remote, which cover a big monitoring range and a long distance. Meanwhile, lighting facilities cannot be perfected at night. Common visible light monitoring cannot meet the large-scale and long-distance monitoring at night and in adverse conditions. The infrared thermal image monitoring system is capable of monitoring the situation on borders in all weather, discover suspicious cross-border targets fast and prevent illegal invasions, thereby ensuring national security

    Urban Monitoring

    Some important regions in the city are crowded with passengers or vehicle traffic, such as main roads and residents’ zones. Common visible-light monitoring has a weak monitoring ability at night and needs auxiliary light. However, highly-lit lightening facilities in the city will affect residents’ normal life and affect the urban landscape. Conversely, infrared thermal imaging system is capable of producing clear images in no-light or hazy weather. It conducts all-weather monitoring of prioritized regions in the city and safeguards the life and property security of people.

    Forest Monitoring

    In a large-scale forest, a fire usually brings destructive losses. It’s rather difficult to control the fire once it occurs. A fire is usually lit by an insignificant lighting source, such as smoke end and a match. It is very difficult to discover such hidden fire sources with current common methods. With the all-weather and 24-h infrared thermal imager, however, we can discover the light source and upload the fire image, video and geographical position onto the clouded platform to extinguish the fire in the beginning.

    Security and Monitoring

    Common disguises are oriented on preventing visible-light observation. Common criminals usually hide in the bush and forest before committing crimes. If the observe is watching through the visible light means, he may have false judgments as the wild environment is adverse and have visual illusion. The infrared thermal heating device accepts the heat radiation from the target passively. The temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and vehicle are usually bigger than those of grass. It is thus difficult to disguise or make wrong judgments. Infrared thermal imagers have significant achievements in identifying disguised and hided targets.

    Solar Panel Monitoring

    Infrared thermal imagers play an important role in finding the faults of solar panels. There are many other reasons that cause the performances of solar panels to differ from each other, including the impurities that occur in semi-conducting materials due to poor construction, damaged battery, damaged glass, water leakage, broken bored welding points, abrasions of string cells, defects of bypass dioxide, falling semi-conducting materials or the faults of connectors, as well as the harm to cell panels resulting from covered cells. In this way, thermal imagers find out defects easily.

    Of course, the function of infrared thermal imager is more than examining solar panels. It is also of great use in maintaining the solar device and other components. For instance, the thermal imager can be used to examine the electric connector of one solar device. If the connector has a high temperature, immediate measures are taken for replacement.

    Classic show
    • Tianbo contributed to the security work of the G20
    • 分辨率:8~14Um非制冷焦平面,384*288
    • 測溫范圍:標準:-20~150℃,可擴展:中溫檔0~410℃,高溫檔:300~650℃或300~1000℃,或300~1500℃或300~2000℃

    Classic show

    Tianbo contributed to the security work of the G20


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