About Us

This online generator is owned by head management of surfers parser – Sa; he is the brain behind this fantastic development. After noticing that many people comments on YouTube for the greater need of a working Subway Surfers Hack, he decided to call upon his team and build a good and progressive cheat, that will enable everyone to get those valuable resources they need for free. With all their non-biased contribution, the tram researched, monitored every version of this running game, so that they can really understand its algorithm. This helped us our team to find out the bug which the game has, and then we utilized it to develop a working tool, found on this website. You can see on our homepage, a detailed description of the tool and what it can help you achieve.

We know that people are trying so much to ignore our main goal; they think we are ideally leaching the game to wrong people. Personally, you have to understand that this game can be found on many online android download sites, so those sites are the ones leaching. Still, they even share a link on their site that refers to play store in order to justify the case. Moreover, we advise you to ensure that you have the latest one installed directly from your mobile game store, as this will make us the same with those other sites that offers the app. When you are through with these, entire try and get along with the tool shared on our website, which is better for new players that want to reach the top position.

Our interface may not be the type you like or what you expected. We tend to offer the right cheat engine we write on our homepage. You might see some similar design with ours; just know that at the end of using our tool, you will get the right item you desire.

For now, out of millions of sites that offer a hack for subway surfers, we are the only one that guarantees you the right amount you need for your android platform. Other device can benefit too, just make sure you select your type from the tool panel. Also, take note that you may not get the exact item you want if you access our page with a banned IP address. Always ensure you check yours with any free checker online.

If you like we to know about anything which might be of greater help to pour team and our website, kindly contact us using the available form on our page. We will also attend to issues that arise at the use of our website. Just make sure you write them clearly with readable approved words.