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    Tianbo contributed to the security work of the G20

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    Infrared camera from Tianbo has contributed to the security work for the G20 summit in Hangzhou

    The 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit was the eleventh meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20). It was held on 4–5 September 2016 in the city of HangzhouZhejiang. It was the first ever G20 summit to be hosted in China[3] and the second in an Asian country.

    Thanks to the concerted efforts of Chinese Communist Party and the people, G20 summit in Hangzhou achieved a complete success.

    Xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee and President of the central military commission (CMC), made important instructions at the G20 Hangzhou summit in zhejiang province on sept 20, 2016.,

    praised the efforts of the whole province&city for the G20 and, most importantly, the work of security.

        This G20 Hangzhou summit was called "the toughest security summit in history".

        The G20 countries account for about 85% of the world's gross national product, nearly two-thirds of the world's population, and security matters to an extraordinary degree.

    Following international practice, the G20 summit adopted the highest-level security measures.It mainly guarantees six area:

    1. Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport and the surrounding area;

    2. G20 summit meeting areas and the surrounding area; ;

    3. Famous scenic spot in hangzhou-West lake scenic spot;

    4. Leader's hotel area;

    5. Art performance area of G20;


        It is my honor that Tianbo has participated in the security work and provided following products to the security work:

    26 sets online series infrared camera for security monitoring,

    30sets H series hand-held infrared thermometer with good accuracy of measuring temperature ,

    130 sets L series thermal imaging binocular,

    75 sets W series thermal imaging camera wearable helmet and other company's latest products.

    In the whole G20 security and technical protection work, the equipment and support personnel invested by Tianbo infrared have been highly appraised by relevant security units.

    The highest level of security measures participated by Tianbo infrared camera: 

    1) Tianbo Online series make safety for G20 art performance area and West lake scenic spot

    In September, political dignitaries and officials from various countries visited West lake, which is one of the most frequent places to visit during their stay in hangzhou.

    The 26 newly added online-s-s-60 infrared camera for the West lake scenic area are installed in various areas that need to be monitored, some of which are very dense forests.

    To ensure that these areas are closed, the Online s-60 infrared camera is installed along the perimeter of the area.They protect large areas of the makeshift fence and make sure no one can get close to the fence or attempt to climb over it.

    The online-s-60 infrared camera performs round-the-clock monitoring of the area and integrates flexibly with existing TCP/IP networks.Integrating the online-s-60 infrared camera into the existing Video Network is relatively easy, as the tinfrared camera uses the international ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standard.The dot-s-60 infrared camera is installed on the standard cloud platform and integrated into the existing network. The dot-s-60 infrared camera is fully integrated into the TCP/IP network.This allows users to see real-time images from any embedded client workstation.Like other visible video monitors in the network, the infrared camera can be easily manipulated using standard joysticks.The onine-s-60 infrared camera is equipped with a 48-mm lens that provides a wide horizontal field of view and has excellent performance in detecting distances (it can detect traces of people 500 meters).The onine-s-60 infrared camera can be simply integrated with the existing network, and the resulting composite image will be displayed on one of the monitors in the control room.The clear images, adapted to the low night light, have largely improved security, and successfully participated in the September 4 of G20 summit directed by zhang yimou, "the most memorable is Hangzhou" show security work.

    Map of key areas for security

    Tianbo infrared camera installed in the scenic area

    Image from Tianbo infrared camera 

    Tianbo H series make safety for leader's hotel area;

    The hotels where the leaders of the G20 summit stayed are also a important security area. These hotels are well-known hotels in Hangzhou. Related units pay great attention to electrical equipment failures, fire hazards, security, etc.During the preparation of the G20 summit, Tianbo infrared has been involved in providing H6_handheld infrared thermometer with high-precision or the electrical equipment of the power distribution room and the secondary equipment of the weak current equipment room with infrared charged detection services.

    The infrared camera with high quality, uniform target surface, high temperature consistency, and high infrared transmittance as high as 96%, besides, the whole machine adopts iron oxide film forming technology to reduce external radiation interference, ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, and guarantee the guests of all countries have an excellent rest environment during in Hangzhou.

    There are hidden dangers in a hotel gas cabinet

    Tianbo L series make safety for main venue and surrounding area of the G20 summit

    Although there are 26 set online infrared camera for monitoring, but a large number of civilian police, fire fighters, security guards  volunteers participate in the security on duty around G20 meeting area, to achieve "foolproof" absolute safety and security department's general objective request, Tianbo key personnel provides the security for the G20 involvement with 130 sets L series portable infrared camera, which is carried along by security personnel as they patrol the security fence or other areas.

    Weight less than 1 kg, the camera can work for more than 7 hours continuously, requiring only 4 ordinary AA batteries, making it ideal for carry-on operation.This is a thermal imaging device that can produce a clear image even on dark nights without any light.Compared with other technologies such as light amplifiers, thermal imaging does not require any light to produce images, and even small details are clearly visible.The L30's portable thermal imaging camera can see clearly and detect people hiding in total darkness, mist, distance and smoke.It is an excellent tool for security and monitoring applications.The L30 portable infrared camera can also protect the security personnel themselves.Although security core personnel are familiar with the main venue and surrounding areas, it is not easy to patrol in a low-light environment at night.By using L30, an intruder can be detected and identified by pointing the infrared camera in the direction of a suspicious sound.If someone infiltrates the core enclosed area, the L30 portable infrared camera can help security officers detect the infiltrator in the shortest possible time.

    The G20 summit, is the chance for Tianbo for whole program security and technical support services, not only is the "core area on September 1 to 7, equipment and the system zero fault" protection effect, to fire control, public security and other security forces are "absolutely safe, safe" the G20 security general objective to hand over a satisfactory answer, but also by participating in the summit security, technology and service level of the whole day platinum team got unprecedented exercise and sublimation.

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